AARSAAR Technologies Private Limited is a rental vehicle service provider which provides intercity and intracity car rental services for its customers.

We aim to provide Reliable services to our customers, we stand for Sustainability and we're committed to fostering innovation, new technologies, and sustainable solutions. Our aim is to provide our customer with high-quality service at reasonable rates. That's why the name AARSAAR derived from R S R (R plus S plus R sounds like AARSAAR), which stands for Reliable, Sustainable and Reasonable.

Our mission is to make road travel effortless and easily available anywhere in India by providing quality assured service, transparency in billing with low-cost tariffs.

Our vision is to become the most promising brand in the rental business of all sorts of vehicles and to have the widest network of branches in India. We would devote ourselves to continuously improving our products and services utilizing innovation, following up customer feedback, and self-assessment.

Our business is known for the importance we attach to customer satisfaction, ethical business behavior and respect towards our employees. We work by these principles and adhere to them at all times.